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Notebook Keyboard Replacement or Repair
Lcd screen Repair or Screen Replace laptop notebook mac netbook
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Repair services for: Plastation 3, PlayStation 3 Slim &  PlayStation 4
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Repair services for Nintendo Wii:
Repair services for Nintendo DS / DSi / DSi XL:

Game Console Repair

Here are some of the most common services we provide:

  DVD drive problems
  Not reading any disk
  Open tray
Drive/Lens Replacement
Not reading any disk
Open tray
Power Supply Replacement
Cleaning + Thermal Paste Reapplication
Cracked Case or Hinge Replacement
Card Reader Replacement
LCD Screen Repair
Touch Screen Repair
Buttons Replacement
Fuse or Power Repair
Repair services for PSP:
PSP 1000 LCD Replacement
PSP 2000/3000 LCD Replacement
Case Replacement
Button / Joystick Repair
Disc Drive Repair

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Repair services for  XBOX 360, XBOX 360 SLIM & XBOX ONE :
Drive Replacement
No Read Discs